Auto ShutDown XP Professional with Auto Login 2003: The most advanced Auto ShutDown with Auto Login application on the market.

Auto ShutDown XP Professional with Auto Login 2003

The most advanced Auto ShutDown application on the market, key functions include: Schedules - Shutdown can now be based on daily, weekly or a specific date schedule. Conditional shutdown - ASD can now be used as conditional shutdown of the PC, for instance when the data download rate drops to zero bytes for five minutes. Other functions include Security, Prevent PC Restarts, Quick Shutdown, Remote systems shutdown and Auto Login.

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IE AutoLogin 2.12: IE Password Manager. Easy to use and edit saved login profiles. IE AutoComplete.

IE AutoLogin 2.12

IE AutoLogin is an Internet Explorer Web Password Manager that allows you to log into a website with just one click. It is integrated with Internet Explorer and can be accessed from a toolbar that becomes a part of Internet Explorer, HTML page context menu or Internet Explorer menu. IE AutoLogin saves all login info from web form as your profile to protected location on your computer and easily completes and submits login form when you use it.

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 IntelliLogin 3.2.4: Login and fill forms with just a few mouse clicks.

IntelliLogin 3.2.4

Login logs you into Web sites and fills forms faster, easier, and more securely. IntelliLogin memorizes each user ID and password the first time you log into a site and automatically supplies them when you return. IntelliLogin can help you secure your passwords from spyware, trojans, and Phishing. IntelliLogin Key Features Include: -Memorizes all your passwords and logs you in automatically. -Saves & fills out web forms automatically. -Encrypts your

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LoginStar 7.0.1: IE Password Manager for Web Auto-login. Easy to use and edit saved login info.

LoginStar 7.0.1

LoginStar using the most advanced technology to support both single-page login (a simple login page over 90%), and multi-page login (for Online Banking or an emphasis on security sites used), to provide the real one-click auto-login feature. LoginStar supports both PC mode (fixed disk) and USB mode (USB hard drive or flash drive) to allow you to a computer anywhere in the world, it`s always can easily login the various web pages, browse or work.

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Secure Password Manager Secure Password Manager- Passwords Management, Auto login, Random key Generator.

Secure Password Manager

logins, passwords, and other personal data manually. Secure Password Manager is well designed to let you store and track names, passwords, credit cards, software serial numbers and confidential notes in an encrypted form securely and easily. It can autofill in your login information in any application (IE, Netscape, Opera, ICQ, MSN...). ------------------------------------------------- Editor`s Review Don`t let this password manager`s busy interface

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Sticky Password FREE 5.0.5: Easy to use, free password manager and form filler remembers your passwords.

Sticky Password FREE 5.0.5

automated login and one click form filling - and it`s free. All you need to remember is your Master Password and Sticky Password FREE remembers your passwords and logins for your websites. The password generator creates strong, secure passwords and stores them for you. You don`t have to worry about forgetting your passwords anymore. Each license includes the portable version and installs easily on your USB device or flash memory stick, so you`ll

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ShutDownOne 3.021: Auto Restart or ShutDown, AutoLogin, Schedule, Password Protect

ShutDownOne 3.021

Auto local and remote ShutDown Windows. Auto Login, Scheduled operation, Remote ShutDown, Batch shutdown, Password Protection, Hot Key, Running in Silent Mode, Executing application before taking action, Command line support, ShutDown/Restart through locked workstation, Privacy Control including IE history, cookies, typed URLs and much more.

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Form Auto Fill (Form AutoFill) 4.2: Fill forms software. Autofill and submit web forms, autofill logins, password.

Form Auto Fill (Form AutoFill) 4.2

Auto Fill helps you in any situation. Form Auto Fill saves your time by automatically filling web forms with your information. Just fill the necessary information once, and Form Auto Fill will enter and submit this data into web forms for you. Form Auto Fill helps you to save web forms of any complexity. Using Form Auto Fill you can easily autofill logins and passwords on web pages, in registration forms, etc. Form Auto Fill lets you login to any

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AutoLogonWindow 1.0.2: Secure passwords in convenient Tray Icon application to auto-logon to websites.

AutoLogonWindow 1.0.2

AutoLogonWindow, you remember one password, AutoLogonWindow remembers the rest. AutoLogonWindow memorizes and securely stores your passwords and logon information, so you will never forget them again. Enjoy easy, one-click logins to your online accounts. AutoLogonWindow allows you to: Manage your Internet passwords and Logon to websites automatically. Supports Internet Explorer 7 and 8 and runs under Windows NT 5.0 and newer, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista

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ShutDownOne Pro 4.00: Auto Power OFF or Power On computer at defined time, run programs, auto-login

ShutDownOne Pro 4.00

ShutDownOne Pro is easy-to-use, tray-based system utility that can automatically perform various frequently used operations such as shutting down, restarting, switching power off/on or locking your computer. It can also log off windows session or switch your computer to hibernate or standby mode. ShutDownOne Pro can also turn on your computer at specified time. Password protection, running scripts, auto-login after Restart, deleting temp files..

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